Every year, we take a few days to get away from the office for our annual retreat. With a growing team, we needed a new way to streamline communication during the trip, and also give every team member a rewarding travel experience. So, we built an app for that.

The Challenge

From group dinner reservations to conference start times, we needed a way to make sure that everyone got the most of their retreat experience, and that they got there on time.

The Solution

Sure, we could have used Slack or a group text to announce group activities, but what’s the fun in that? Instead, we built an app that gave everyone the ability to build their experience. Featuring everything from nearby restaurants to Airbnb reservation info, everyone could plan their own retreat experience from any connected device. And yes, there’s a Slack integration, too.


A conversation between designers quickly jumped from paper to pixel as an itinerary poster idea snowballed into a full-fledged app.


We started by building an interactive itinerary accessible from phones or connected devices, then continued to iterate features until we had a comprehensive retreat app with all the bells and whistles.

We took the idea of a traditional itinerary and made it fun using quirky visuals, confetti animations, and a few inside-jokes.

Trouble finding the door code at your Airbnb? There’s an app for that. From weather to wifi, we thought of it all.

No one wants to miss their ride to karaoke night, so we built in a “Groups” feature with in-app messaging.

No more shuffling through Yelp reviews. We did the leg work ahead of time and built in a curated set of the best places to explore.

In-app messaging and a Slack integration made it impossible for the introverts to “forget” a group event.

  • Miles traveled by electric scooter
  • Emmy-worthy telenovela performances
  • White Claws consumed