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ThreeSixtyEight is a modern agency that makes and markets brands through clever content and disruptive design.

Branding + Marketing

Soji: Modern Asian

From naming to neon, the Soji brand launch exploded onto the scene with more than two weeks of sold-out tables, over a million impressions, and over 7,500 visits to the website in only ten days.

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Web + Interactive

Drink Water. Give Water.

Website and application for the 10 Days – a social campaign designed to raise awareness and funding for safe water wells in Africa. Awarded with 2016 District Gold and 2016 Best In Show American Advertising Award.

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Brand + Strategy

CenturyLink: Telecom Goes Tech

CenturyLink's strategic digital partner. Helping them change how this global brand connects with younger people.

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Video & Motion

Bringing Stories To Life

Visual storytelling through video, animation and interactive experiences, working to reach your audience in a connected world.

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Presentation Experience Design

Presentation Experiences

Our Big Fish Presentations service focuses on turning presentations into experiences. We transform communication for live conferences, sales teams and more.

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Our Capabilities

What happens when two companies choose to collaborate instead of compete?
A team with bold ideas - and the skills to back them up.

01.Web + Interactive

We see websites as living extensions of your brand experience. When working with us, you get more than an online brochure. Our team digs deep, transforming mundane content into moments that bridge you to your connected users.


  • Content Development
  • Copywriting and Messaging
  • UX/UI
  • Prototyping
  • Design + Illustration
  • Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Monitoring + Analytics

02.Brand + Strategy

We have the passion to understand your vision and the experience to overcome your challenges. Our cross-disciplinary team thrives on problem solving, unbridled creativity and new technologies to get results.


  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Message
  • Digital Strategy
  • Consulting + Insights
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Creative Brand Support

03.Video + Motion

Video is the fastest growing and most engaging form of digital content out there. That's why we make it a core capability for our agency. Our videos are produced in-house - telling your story in a way that's concise, immersive and impossible to forget.


  • Content Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Production
  • Live Film
  • Animation
  • Explainer Videos

Our Team


Kenny Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Kenny builds partnerships with powerful brands and shares his entrepreneurial tips with the community through outlets like TEDx, Forbes and Huffington Post. He co-founded Big Fish Presentations after hearing the “worst presentation he had ever seen” and now leads ThreeSixtyEight in it's mission to help brands rediscover their creative confidence.

Jeremy Beyt

Jeremy Beyt

Chief Strategy Officer

A designer at heart, Jeremy helps lead our team with a mind for strategy and an eye for detail. After graduating with dual degrees in marketing and economics, he blended pragmatic strategy and bold creativity to co-found ThreeSixtyEight. Jeremy splits most days strategizing with clients, diving into projects and asking the important questions - like why do people wear belts when suspenders are clearly superior?

Over the years, Jeremy has worked with brands like Pepsi, Unilever, CenturyLink and TED to create unique and high-performing digital experiences.

Gus Murillo

Gus Murillo

Chief Operating Officer

Gus co-founded Big Fish Presentations and now oversees finances and operations at ThreeSixtyEight. Gus has the experience and understanding to take complex creative projects from concept to completion. He's led teams in partnership with brands like NASA, Raising Cane’s and CenturyLink to execute on large-scale digital and creative projects.

Nick Defelice

Nick Defelice

Chief Technology Officer

Nick directs the technology and engineering teams at ThreeSixtyEight. With dual degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering, he constructs high-performing digital products with world-class quality standards. He previously worked in project management for Bank of America and built award-winning web apps as the co-founder and lead technologist of Hatchit.

Corey Schneider

Corey Schneider

Senior Interactive Designer

Corey is one of the veteran designers at ThreeSixtyEight aka Old Faithful. With every project, Corey is always looking to challenge his team to push a design a step further. From beautiful web experiences to captivating explainer videos, he’s got it covered. He likes his coffee black (with creamer and a dash of sugar), and he likes his typography fat.

Tara Hebert

Tara Hebert

Senior Digital & Brand Strategist

While waiting for her (very late) Hogwarts letter, Tara breaks down client goals into actionable strategies and writes content that complements these strategies. She enjoys finding the solutions hidden in a brand’s problems and navigating the ever-changing digital world. Outside of the office, you can find her volunteering with a local animal rescue, making lots of dirty dishes in her kitchen, or planning her next trip to see the world.

Philip Roberts

Philip Roberts

Senior Video and Motion

When Phil was 16, he spent all of his money on a camera and began filming. By the time Phil started at LSU, he had directed stunning skits, sick skateboarding vids, and live local bands. Founding the production department in 2011, Phil joined the team and his talent enabled the company to create motion graphics, animation, and live video for clients such as Paramount Pictures, CenturyLink, Alpine, Jaguar and NASA.

Sahil Mepani

Sahil Mepani

Web Developer

Sahil is a front-end and WordPress themes developer based in Mumbai, India. A self-confessed perfectionist, he codes high-quality, responsive websites and WordPress themes. When Sahil is not writing code or pushing pixels you are likely to find him in the gym, dancing or watching movies.

Maxel Rodrigues

Maxel Rodrigues

Web Developer

Maxel is a web developer hailing from the cultural paradise of Thrissur in India. He focuses on creating beautiful and functional user experiences in websites and web applications. When not tackling complex development projects, Maxel spends his free time playing video games and working toward being an international volleyball player.

Shelby Buquet

Shelby Buquet

Interactive Designer

Shelby uses his problem-solving skills and love of new technology to produce beautiful work for ThreeSixtyEight. You can catch him at work blasting music in his headphones and dishing out fresh content for the team. Off the clock, Houma born and bred Shelby is passionate about his Southern, home-cooked cuisine, and his low-key love for sculpting, especially metal fabrication, woodworking and iron casting.

Bo Kim

Bo Kim

Interactive Designer

"Design Goddess Extraordinaire" - basically everyone

On a serious note, Bo’s design principles are surmised as such:

  • Creating and exploring new digital experiences

  • Collaborating with her talented teammates to produce top-notch designs

On some personal notes, Bo enjoys when people cook for her as well as eating anything pickled. Now that you know the way to Bo’s heart, hit her up: 225-615-8443. Just kidding, that’s the company’s number. Hit us up anyway and work with Bo Kim—Design Goddess Extraordinaire.

Kara Pitre

Kara Pitre

Account Director

Kara‘s top notch organizational skills combined with her fear of disappointing anyone drives her to be the best Account Director of all time. With a background in graphic design, she is able to give creative direction and feedback to her team, all while handling the details and deadlines of each project. When Kara isn’t juggling projects at ThreeSixtyEight, she is at Red Stick CrossFit or snuggling with her sweet dog, Maybe.

Justin Hutchinson

Justin Hutchinson

Partnership Coordinator

Although the youngest member of ThreeSixtyEight, Justin’s outlook on life is anything but young minded. While being a football star in the Baton Rouge area, he began working at Smoothie King where in just a year, he would go on to run multiple stores. Even though he’s in his early 20's, he’s always felt the need to pursue something bigger & better in life and make a difference in the lives of other people. It’s that grit and passion for people that has gotten him to where he is today as a Partnership Coordinator at ThreeSixtyEight! When he’s not in the office, you can catch him in the gym or outside grilling up some jerk chicken and telling crazy stories!

Ebony Smith

Ebony Smith

Brand Strategist

Ebony's relentless persistence and desire to craft effective solutions allows her to solve even the toughest problems through research and innovation. Her optimistic attitude keeps the positive vibes flowing throughout ThreeSixtyEight while she's setting goals for each project. As a strategist, she believes deeply in knowing the "why" behind each project before the "what," which helps the team deliver the best work to support our clients and community. Her advice for pretty much anything is to "Keep asking, keep thinking, and use Google. Because there’s always a way to get things done."

When Ebony's not throwing out suggestions in our creative brainstorming sessions, she's throwing a fishing line in Grand Isle searching for red fish and speckled trout. Her other favorite activities include chasing her son, directing a youth ministry, and watching Family Guy.

Adam Graves

Adam Graves

Interactive Designer

As the newest designer at ThreeSixtyEight, Adam adds a new dynamic and perspective to our office. Through creating unique digital experiences and always looking to push designs one step further, Adam hopes to help make the design team the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. When Adam's off the clock he enjoys playing Super Smash Bros on his N64, watching WWE re-runs of Steve Austin hitting someone with a Stone Cold Stunner, and occasionally traveling North to do some snowboarding.

A new kind of agency.

Small teams with huge ideas - working hand-in-hand with our clients.

Creative confidence means that we have the courage to be ourselves, take creative risks and break the rules sometimes, knowing that when great ideas meet experience and execution, the results speak for themselves.

With the merge of Big Fish and Hatchit, our team brings a fresh perspective. When you mix years of experience in live presentation media with equal parts web and interactive, you get creativity and technology that simply speaks human.

We engage every project with focus and tenacity, knowing that great work comes from pushing through “good enough.” We stay late. We start over. We know what it takes to deliver truly remarkable experiences.

We know that success lies in our ability to think fast and adapt. That’s why we work in small teams that own the problem at hand. No committees or obstacles - just a group of dedicated experts who will do anything they can to create something worth sharing.

Focus means that every great outcome is the result of relentless attention, not giving up when the project is 95% done.

Purpose means that we engage every project with a sense of purpose, understanding the "why" behind every challenge.

Our process sets us apart. We sponsor discovery workshops with our clients, we prototype, we leave room for re-work, we test and test again.

If you don't measure your work, how do you know if it's successful? We identify key metrics and candidly track our performance, challenging clients to challenge us.

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