TSE Project Tracker App

During any project, consistent communication with the client is vital. We needed a place where our clients could stay informed as each phase of their project progressed. So, we built the TSE Project Tracker.

The Challenge

Our clients need to know the status and details of each project step and need easy access to the most recent version of project files. Our account managers need the ability to easily add or update steps at any time.

The Solution

We crafted a CMS that allows our account managers to easily and quickly create and update project pages for any client. Each page is password protected and displays a personalized welcome message along with the client’s logo.


Just like checking on your fresh, hot pizza, this app removes uncertainty by displaying every detail of the project process.

We made the next steps crystal clear. Using the app, clients can easily view the timeline of steps within their project.

Trouble finding the link to that prototype again? Our clients can stop wasting time sifting through their inbox and instead find what they need quickly in their project tracker. Current deliverable links are clearly sorted by task.

  • Hours saved for our clients
  • Happy account managers
  • minutes spent building the app