Managing chores shouldn’t be a chore

CLIENT ThreeSixtyEight
SCOPE Interactive Design / Web Application / Software Development

Want to add a little fun to the mundane task of office chores? There’s an app for that.

The Challenge

Managing chores for our growing office is easier said than done. We started with a whiteboard but quickly needed a digital upgrade. We needed an easy way to assign and manage weekly chores, share those assignments with the team, and monitor the status of each task. It had to be easy, it had to be accessible on the go, and it had to be fun.

The Solution

We built an app where team members can manage, monitor, and update chores from an in-house kiosk, their laptop, or even their cell phone. The chore app is responsive for every device and allows for easy status updates from anywhere. For the weekly chore-izard, chore assignments can updated through our project management app.

Cut the guess work

Know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. No more searching through countless Slack messages.

Management made easy

Everyone loves a clean sync. Chores can be assigned and moved within our project management app.

Pick up the slack

See which chores are past due and cover your team’s back. Now you can catch chores before they slip through the cracks.

  • Happy Chorezards
  • Chores Completed Weekly
  • Hours Saved