Avoid meeting conflicts. Forever.

CLIENT ThreeSixtyEight
SCOPE Interactive Design / Web Application / Software Development

To overcome the constant annoyance of conference room schedule conflicts, we created a Ruby on Rails app that syncs with Google Calendar to visually display the availability of our conference rooms. Features include the ability to book impromptu meetings directly from the app, automatic blocks for conflicting room requests, and on-app welcome messages displayed 15 minutes before the meeting begins.


Every office has dealt with the awkwardness of double-booking a conference room. Laying claim to a meeting time slot can become a point of contention and can cause unnecessary friction within a team. Aside from making often-ignored company-wide announcements, there was no transparency about who reserved a particular room within the TSE office.


We created Dibs, an easy-to-use touch screen display outside each conference room door that syncs with our Google Calendar to make scheduling meetings — and keeping everyone honest about room holds — easy!



  • Days without meeting conflicts
  • Impromptu meetings per month
  • Lines of custom code

At ThreeSixtyEight, we use Google Suite to manage our email and calendar. It was vital that our new application synced with the team’s Google calendar.

Google Calendar Integration

Meetings scheduled through Google Calendar are automatically added to the app, and any updates are applied instantaneously. The app shows events assigned to individual rooms and keeps schedules and reservations organized.

Dibs App vs Google Calendar
Impromptu Meetings

Unplanned meetings happen. Our app allows users to add one-hour or thirty-minute impromptu meetings to the calendar directly through the app, but only when the room is not already booked.

Welcome Messages & Celebrations

As an Easter Egg, we added in a celebrations feature for employee birthdays and “workiversaries”. The app also welcomes our clients by name and 15 minutes before a meeting starts, it displays a minute countdown leading up to the meeting.