We are The Challenger Agency

A surprisingly ambitious agency from a deeply southern city. This combination is our fuel. Fuel to defy every expectation while delivering world-class experiences with a side of southern charm.

Our Mission

To challenge common thinking so that we can create an uncommon future.

Our Values
Be Better

Start over, mind the details, push hardest in the last mile. This is your life’s work – are you proud to put your name on it?

Be Impactful

Create with purpose, intention, and measure. Trust your gut but use your head.

Be Adventurous

Let curiosity lead you, never stop learning, and embrace your creative confidence. The best ideas have yet to be discovered.

Be Together

Care for your team and your clients – we are in this together. Stay humble, courteous, and honest. Listen first. Smile often.

Our Team

As a diverse group of digital creatives, we're using our skills to forge relationships, strategies, and successes for our clients.

Phil Roberts
EP / Director

When Phil was 16, he spent all of his money on a camera and began filming. By the time Phil started at LSU, he had directed stunning skits, sick skateboarding vids, and live local bands. Founding the production department in 2011, Phil joined the team and his talent enabled the company to create motion graphics, animation, and live video for clients such as Paramount Pictures, CenturyLink, Alpine, Jaguar, and NASA.

Natalia Weil
Account Manager

Led by a deep level of care, rigorous attention to detail, and an unfaltering positive attitude, Natalia specializes in strategically guiding her clients to foster growth within their organizations.

With a decade of experience in account management and business development across North America, Latin America, and Europe, Natalia brings a unique global perspective to her accounts. This international expertise is further amplified by her multilingualism (Spanish, French, Italian), Colombian and French upbringing, and time spent living and working in six different countries.

When she’s not helping her clients reach their organizational goals, you can catch this amateur botanist with her nose in a rosebush, creating lavish floral arrangements, or tending to her collection of exotic plants.

Nick Defelice
CTO / Co-Founder

Nick directs the technology and engineering teams at ThreeSixtyEight. With dual degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering, he constructs high-performing digital products with world-class quality standards. He previously worked in project management for Bank of America and builds award-winning web apps as the co-founder and lead technologist of ThreeSixtyEight.

Jeremy Beyt
CCO / Co-Founder

Jeremy carries more than a decade of experience in developing globally recognized brand strategies and interactive experiences. His background in economics and marketing provides a unique blend of pragmatic strategy and bold creativity that steer both company and client endeavors. Jeremy has worked with brands including Pepsico, Waitr, Unilever, WellPet, Chase Bank, Blue Cross, Rakuten, LSU, CenturyLink, and Raising Cane’s to create uncommon and high-performing brand experiences.

In 2018 Jeremy was invited to join the Global Adobe UX Leadership team, a global collective of 40 leading strategists from Google, Uber, and many other innovative brands. As an Adobe UX leader, Jeremy has spoken at Adobe events and participated in strategic planning sessions with Adobe’s lead product and marketing teams.

He also leads the company band in evening “jam seshs” and likes to boast that he’s been building Geocities websites “since ’96,” whatever that means.

Cody Coumes
Experience Strategist

As a former Helicopter Rescue Swimmer and Aircrewman with a graphic design background, Cody brings an unrivaled level of dedication and focus to his UX work.

Cody believes great experiences make life more vibrant. His work is the manifestation of his genuine passion to make the world a better place through those experiences. He no longer jumps out of helicopters for a living, but enjoys jumping into the sea of ambiguity to guide teams and inspire clients, bringing world-stopping ideas from concept to completion. He’s found purpose and meaning in making the world a better place through research-backed design.

Servant leader. Difference maker. Dad-Joke Connoisseur.

Maria Do
Project Manager

Problem slayer. Process champion. And cake connoisseur. Maria is the engine that keeps our projects running! From small accounts to the really big ones, Maria manages the life of projects from kickoff to close and all the in-betweens.

Outside of work, Maria is a studious home cook and recipe developer. When she was 12, she saved up all her money to buy a Kitchen Aid stand mixer that she still uses today. Her greatest joys are cooking with friends and watching way too much Netflix.

Caroline Stoltzfus
Media Strategist

Caroline thrives in the sweet spot between ideation and execution. Her career has focused on helping nonprofits and small businesses tell authentic and engaging stories that connect with target audiences and drive results. She’s excited by grey areas and new frontiers, which makes her a voracious listener and learner. As a Media Strategist at ThreeSixtyEight, Caroline connects the dots between our brand strategists and creative teams, project managers, and media partners.

When she’s off the clock, you can usually find Caroline running (literally) around Colorado Springs and dreaming about big ideas, high-quality ice cream, and her next social gathering.

Brittany Alford
Brand Designer

Brittany is a multi-faceted designer with a knack for interaction and usability. She unravels problems by applying a perfect mix of deep curiosity and healthy skepticism. Her user-driven approach to design leads to work that challenges assumptions and serves users in uncommonly creative ways. She formerly led design at Fenway Group and brings efficiency, excitement, and clarity to complex client challenges.

Outside of work, you can find her strumming a ukulele, hiking her favorite trails, or imagining what it’s like to be an astronaut in space.

Trevor Navarre
Motion + Brand Designer

Trevor’s love of the creative process drives him to leave no stone unturned. His wide range of technical skills makes him a unique collaborator with fresh perspectives. Whether it’s sketching logos, developing style frames, or crafting illustrations and motion graphics, Trevor’s passion for the work keeps him moving forward on every project with quick and plentiful ideation.

When he’s not feeding his work or coffee addiction, you can find him drawing for fun or playing the same few Elliot Smith songs on guitar.

Bri Ehle
Senior Project Manager

Life moves fast, but Bri moves faster. With her love of helping others, making to-do lists, and having a good laugh, she keeps our work on track and our people smiling. After graduating from Virginia Tech, she took a leap of faith (and a long car ride) down to Baton Rouge from her lifelong home state of Virginia.

When she’s not organizing schedules and color-coding her planner, you can find Bri planning her next trip to the beach, convincing her friends to go line dancing, or eating a three-finger combo (extra Cane’s sauce, please).

Anne-Marie Fontenot

Detail-oriented. Eager to learn. Ready to share. As Financial Controller with TSE, Anne-Marie puts her 10+ years of creative and strategic experience to work. With a background in various industries including employee recruitment, software development, real estate management, hospitality, and healthcare, she boasts a proven track record of achieving efficiency in accounting/finance, leading to impactful results.

Kelsey LeBlanc
Senior Account Manager

A girl mom and entrepreneur who’s as fierce as she is kind, Kelsey packs the perfect mix of curiosity and grit. Her experience in marketing strategy and event coordination gives her all the tools necessary to move projects across the finish line.

Previously, she directed marketing for a non-profit arts organization and most recently she led regional marketing for Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas for WAITR, Inc. Kelsey also owns a small business which lends her a unique perspective on seeing things from a client’s point of view. She’s a problem solver with a passion for creativity, helping lead our project teams and clients to success.

Shelby Buquet
Senior Interaction Designer

Shelby uses his problem-solving skills and love of new technology to produce beautiful work for ThreeSixtyEight. You can catch him at work blasting music in his headphones and dishing out fresh content for the team. Off the clock, Houma born and bred Shelby is passionate about his Southern, home-cooked cuisine, and his low-key love for sculpting, especially metal fabrication, woodworking and iron casting.

Corey Schneider
Brand Design Lead

Corey is one of the veteran designers at ThreeSixtyEight aka Old Faithful. With every project, Corey is always looking to challenge his team to push a design a step further. From beautiful web experiences to captivating explainer videos, he’s got it covered. He likes his coffee black (with creamer and a dash of sugar), and he likes his typography fat.

Khoi Nguyen
Growth & Ops Coordinator

Brandon—Khoi is a serial doodler and has vandalized his school notebooks for as long as he can remember. He became enthralled by the arts from a young age out of a determination to stay awake in Math class. Passionate about the art of self-expression, his hobbies include digital art, dancing, and fashion. Dangling earrings and patterned shirts, check!

Beyond the arts, Khoi is an active member of his Vietnamese community and has led teams and prospective leaders within his past student organization. Through his experiences and interactions with different backgrounds, he has developed a keen skill in developing interpersonal relationships and invoking empathy. His past professional duties included task management, research, and content creation for companies in commercial real estate, technology, and advertising. At TSE he provides critical support to the Growth and Ops teams.

Tara Lirette
Director of Strategy

With more than seven years of experience, Tara turns chaos into clarity as the director of our strategy discipline. Her work is fueled by deep questioning, active listening, and lateral thinking as she reads between the lines to help our clients and and their customers realize a future they couldn’t see alone.

Tara joins our team remotely from Colorado, where she’s enjoying living in the woods and earning battle scars while rock climbing or mountain biking. Ask her about her latest send, learning to homestead, or her latest wildlife sighting.

Stuart Haddad
Software Engineer

Stuart channels his love for technology and creative problem-solving to develop useful software for his team and engaging web experiences for clients – transforming the creative team’s vision into fully-featured digital products.

In his spare time, Stuart enjoys entertaining crowds with his piano, rooting for LSU Football, and indulging in heavy helpings of Star Wars, Super Smash Bros, and general pop culture fandom.

Adrian Owen Jones
Chief Growth Officer

As Chief Growth Officer and EOS Integrator, Adrian serves as a growth and change catalyst within the company. She is a Certified Fundraising Executive who helps organizations scale by strategically leveraging data, technology, and talent. Prior to joining ThreeSixtyEight, Adrian served as the AVP for Advancement Services at the LSU Foundation where she worked to build the operations that led LSU to successfully launch their record-setting $1.5B campaign. She has considerable experience driving organizational excellence through past roles in IT, prospect and pipeline development, analytics, and donor relations. Adrian became an analyst through a non-traditional path- she developed her data analysis and dashboarding skills as a world-ranked player on the bleeding edge of World of Warcraft. Gaming has taught her critical technical and leadership skills. She loves developing teams and is a Gallup-Certified StrengthsCoach.™

Kara Pitre
Director of Operations

Kara is a spirited creative professional who is here to help, always. From fielding quick questions to problem-solving complex needs, she wants her clients and team to know they are in the most reliable of hands. She doesn’t stop at ‘good enough’, but instead pushes for the best possible outcomes — and she does so with zeal. 

When Kara isn’t juggling her clients and team at ThreeSixtyEight, she is at Red Stick CrossFit lifting all the weights or snuggling with her sweet dog, Maybe.

Justin Hutchinson
Director of Business Development

Justin Hutchinson is the Director of Business Development at ThreeSixtyEight. Justin acts as the gatekeeper for our agency by cultivating relationships with clients who embrace our mission of “challenging common thinking to create an uncommon future.” Justin has built his own uncommon future at ThreeSixtyEight, rising from Sales Intern to Director in under five years. ​He has also been recognized by ADCOLOR as a nominee for their 2020 Rising Star award, highlighting creatives of color in advertising who “rise up and reach back.” ​During his tenure, he​’​s brought on clients such as Rakuten Ready, ANC, Alabama Fire College, and more. Since his teenage years, he’s always felt the drive to pursue something bigger and make a difference in the lives of others. It’s that grit and passion for people that led him to where he is today as Director of Business Development at ThreeSixtyEight.

Hailey Johnson
Experience Strategist

As experience strategist, Hailey plans, facilitates, and executes human-centered experiences across technology and customer journeys, working to capture the voice of audiences and deliver impactful interactions that move the needle. The future of experience strategy is customization and inclusion. For that reason, she focuses on personalization and accessibility methods and practices.

When off the clock, you can find Hailey knitting, hanging out with her pups, Piper and Iris, and channeling Sophia from the Golden Girls.

Kaitlyn Hieb
Senior Brand Strategist

In kindergarten, Kaitlyn was already asking her parents how Santa manages to visit everyone’s house in one night, which should have been their first sign they had a deep-thinking, analytical machine on their hands. Since then, Kaitlyn has used her critical thinking to amass an impressive resume, building brand strategies, multi-channel campaigns, communications plans, and much more for brands across the S&P 500. She is certified in Qualtrics survey design and fancies herself the qualitative research queen. When not at The Container Store, you can find Kaitlyn with her nose in a book or hunting for the best soft pretzel in town.

Kenny Nguyen
CEO / Co-Founder

Kenny builds partnerships with powerful brands and shares his entrepreneurial tips with the community through outlets like TEDx, Forbes and Huffington Post. He co-founded Big Fish Presentations after hearing the “worst presentation he had ever seen” and now leads ThreeSixtyEight in its mission to help brands rediscover their creative confidence.

You might will spot him wearing floral print shirts and jackets around the office since his recently developed affinity for “festive gear.”

Timothy Ricks
Senior Design Engineer

Timothy uses his passion for logic and creativity to operate as a flex creative on the ThreeSixtyEight team. His unique “dual brain” approach to problem-solving enables Tim to meticulously build products that are as beautiful as they are thoughtful. From identity design to front-end development, he’s always looking ahead and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. When Timothy’s off the clock, he spends his time playing guitar, binge-watching Netflix, and enjoying junk food.

Brian Tawlks
Managing Creative Director

During Brian’s 20 years of experience, he has helped brands such as Boeing, McDonald’s, State Farm, Discover Financial, and CVS connect with consumers by uncovering the unique aspects of what makes their brands relatable. From building innovative digital experiences to creating strategic brand campaigns, he focuses on making sure that the brand engages with the consumer in an authentic way.

He believes in the power of “what if” — the sense of creative fearlessness, endless optimism, and the overall mindset that anything is possible.


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