Who We Are

We're a surprisingly ambitious agency from a deeply southern city. This combination is our fuel. Fuel to defy every expectation while delivering world-class experiences with a side of southern charm.

What we believe

From engineers to artists, we're bonded by a guiding set of beliefs.

Be Better

Start over, mind the details, push hardest in the last mile. This is your life’s work – are you proud to put your name on it?

Be Impactful

Create with purpose, intention, and measure. Trust your gut but use your head.

Be Adventurous

Let curiosity lead you, never stop learning, and embrace your creative confidence. The best ideas have yet to be discovered.

Be Together

Care for your team and your clients – we are in this together. Stay humble, courteous, and honest. Listen first. Smile often.

Our Team

As a diverse group of digital creatives, we're using our skills to forge relationships, strategies, and successes for our clients.

Phil Roberts
EP / Director

When Phil was 16, he spent all of his money on a camera and began filming. By the time Phil started at LSU, he had directed stunning skits, sick skateboarding vids, and live local bands. Founding the production department in 2011, Phil joined the team and his talent enabled the company to create motion graphics, animation, and live video for clients such as Paramount Pictures, CenturyLink, Alpine, Jaguar, and NASA.

Justin Hutchinson
Partnership Coordinator

After wrapping an all-star football career in Baton Rouge, Justin began working at a local Smoothie King wherein only a year he would go on to run multiple stores. Since his teenage years, he’s always felt the drive to pursue something bigger and make a difference in the lives of others. It’s that grit and passion for people that led him to where he is today as Partnership Coordinator for ThreeSixtyEight! When he’s not in the office, you can catch him in the gym or outside grilling up some jerk chicken and telling crazy stories.

Adam Graves
Interactive Designer

Adam infuses every project with a ton of personality through his rich character illustrations and unsettlingly specific observations. Through his work, Adam hopes to help make the design team the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. When Adam’s off the clock he enjoys playing Super Smash Bros on his N64, watching WWE re-runs of Steve Austin hitting someone with a Stone Cold Stunner, and occasionally traveling North to do some snowboarding.

Bo Kim
Interactive Designer

“Design Goddess Extraordinaire” – basically everyone

On a serious note, Bo’s design principles are surmised as such:

  • Creating and exploring new digital experiences
  • Collaborating with her talented teammates to produce top-notch designs

On some personal notes, Bo enjoys when people cook for her as well as eating anything pickled. Now that you know the way to Bo’s heart, hit her up: 225-615-8443. Just kidding, that’s the company’s number. Hit us up anyway and work with Bo Kim—Design Goddess Extraordinaire.

Nick Defelice
CTO / Co-Founder

Nick directs the technology and engineering teams at ThreeSixtyEight. With dual degrees in Computer and Electrical Engineering, he constructs high-performing digital products with world-class quality standards. He previously worked in project management for Bank of America and built award-winning web apps as the co-founder and lead technologist of Hatchit.

Kara Pitre
Senior Project Manager

Kara‘s top-notch organizational skills combined with her fear of disappointing anyone drives her to be an unrivaled project manager. With a background in graphic design, she can give solid creative direction and feedback to her team, all while handling the details and deadlines of each project. When Kara isn’t juggling projects at ThreeSixtyEight, she is at Red Stick CrossFit or snuggling with her sweet dog, Maybe.

Sherin Dawud
Project Manager

As an entrepreneur for the last 5+ years, Sherin’s true desire and passion is to help others defy their fears, define their visions, and execute their plans/goals. She recently defied a big fear of her own, jumping back into corporate America (aka ThreeSixtyEight)! She had one condition before leaping, the place had to feel like home.

Throughout her life, Sherin has not only believed in making the big jump, but she’s actually done it time and time again. She loves one-on-one human interactions and still believes in the power of conversation. Sherin is known for sitting and listening to the “why me?” crowd and changing their perspective to “why not me?” When she’s not strategizing or pouring into others, you can find her working out, deep belly laughing with her friends, or finding a creative outlet to free her mind.

Kenny Nguyen
CEO / Co-Founder

Kenny builds partnerships with powerful brands and shares his entrepreneurial tips with the community through outlets like TEDx, Forbes and Huffington Post. He co-founded Big Fish Presentations after hearing the “worst presentation he had ever seen” and now leads ThreeSixtyEight in its mission to help brands rediscover their creative confidence.

You might will spot him wearing floral print shirts and jackets around the office since his recently developed affinity for “festive gear.”

Jeremy Beyt
CSO / Co-Founder

As co-founder, Jeremy has spent the last decade developing globally recognized brand strategies and interactive experiences. With dual degrees in economics and marketing, he blends pragmatic strategy and bold creativity to steer both company and client endeavors. He’s worked with brands including Pepsico, Waitr, Unilever, CenturyLink and Raising Cane’s to create unique and high-performing brand experiences.

Jeremy is an active member of his local community, serving on the Mid-City Merchant’s board to facilitate business growth in Baton Rouge’s burgeoning arts district. He also serves on the board of WGI, helping to bring literacy training to schools, and works with ThreeSixtyEight’s Assembly Required brand to promote entrepreneurship and creativity locally.

He also leads the company band in evening “jam seshs” and likes to boast that he’s been building Geocities websites “since ’96,” whatever that means.

Timothy Ricks
Designer / Front-End Developer

Timothy uses his passion for logic and creativity to operate as a flex creative on the ThreeSixtyEight team. His unique “dual brain” approach to problem-solving enables Tim to meticulously build products that are as beautiful as they are thoughtful. From identity design to front-end development, he’s always looking ahead and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. When Timothy’s off the clock, he spends his time playing guitar, binge-watching Netflix, and enjoying junk food.

Gus Murillo
COO / Co-Founder

Gus co-founded Big Fish Presentations and now oversees finances and operations at ThreeSixtyEight. Gus has the experience and understanding to take complex creative projects from concept to completion. He’s led teams in partnership with brands like NASA, Raising Cane’s and CenturyLink to execute on large-scale digital and creative projects.

Shelby Buquet
Interactive Designer

Shelby uses his problem-solving skills and love of new technology to produce beautiful work for ThreeSixtyEight. You can catch him at work blasting music in his headphones and dishing out fresh content for the team. Off the clock, Houma born and bred Shelby is passionate about his Southern, home-cooked cuisine, and his low-key love for sculpting, especially metal fabrication, woodworking and iron casting.

Mordecai Logan
Development Intern

Mordecai pursues life wholeheartedly. Whether it’s earning a black belt in Tang Soo Do, winning at chess, or learning to code, he gives his all.

Mordecai is not only brains, though, he is also a compassionate and kind individual who loves to make people laugh when they need it the most. Mordecai is working passionately in the pursuit of becoming a chef and a game designer. At ThreeSixtyEight, he actively immerses himself in the code and culture every day.

Ebony Smith
Brand Strategist

Ebony’s relentless persistence and desire to craft effective solutions allows her to solve even the toughest problems through research and innovation. Her optimistic attitude keeps the positive vibes flowing throughout ThreeSixtyEight while she’s setting goals for each project. As a strategist, she believes deeply in knowing the “why” behind each project before the “what,” which helps the team deliver the best work to support our clients and community. Her advice for pretty much anything is to “Keep asking, keep thinking, and use Google. Because there’s always a way to get things done.”

When Ebony’s not throwing out suggestions in our creative brainstorming sessions, she’s throwing a fishing line in Grand Isle searching for red fish and speckled trout. Her other favorite activities include chasing her son, directing a youth ministry, and watching Family Guy.

Corey Schneider
Senior Interactive Designer

Corey is one of the veteran designers at ThreeSixtyEight aka Old Faithful. With every project, Corey is always looking to challenge his team to push a design a step further. From beautiful web experiences to captivating explainer videos, he’s got it covered. He likes his coffee black (with creamer and a dash of sugar), and he likes his typography fat.

Stuart Haddad
Interactive Developer

Stuart channels his love for technology and creative problem-solving to develop useful software for his team and engaging web experiences for clients – transforming the creative team’s vision into fully-featured digital products.

In his spare time, Stuart enjoys entertaining crowds with his piano, rooting for LSU Football, and indulging in heavy helpings of Star Wars, Super Smash Bros, and general pop culture fandom.

Hailey Johnson
Content Strategist

Hailey is living proof that big things come in small packages. Hailing from Cajun Country, she has a passion for writing, brand strategy and making everyone around her shine. She knows small things add up, and that’s why with every project she focuses on the small details that affect the big picture.

When she’s not knocking out killer copy, you can find Hailey watching TV with her two-pound dog, Izzie, and quoting the Golden Girls.


Proudly rooted in a rich Louisiana culture that celebrates creativity in food, music, and art, we’re pushing innovation globally from a city where the world might not see us coming. And we love it that way.