Leading The Pet Food Market Comes Naturally

CLIENT Wellness Pet Food
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Wellness Pet Food has led the natural pet food movement for decades, owning space in retailers like Chewy.com, Petsmart, and Petco. For those who see their pets as loved ones, Wellness is a household name. Since 2015 we have worked with Wellness to drive brand growth through engaging creative, innovation strategies, and integrated campaigns.


In 1997, nutritionists, veterinarians, and food scientists created Wellness Pet Food to offer a product that would lead the industry in naturally-sourced ingredients. The goal: insuring the health and happiness for pets and pet parents alike. Since the inception of the brand, numerous competing brands have entered the natural pet food market–crowding shelves and consumer product considerations. Wellness Pet Food engaged ThreeSixtyEight to deliver creative that would stand out from competitors in a predominantly-digital marketing strategy.


Acting as an extension of their external team, we solidified our team as an innovation-led creative partner. From piloting new pieces of creative with the 2016 launch of YouTube bumper ads to the 2017 use of Instagram story ads. We’ve worked to find unique methods of engagement with new and existing customers, building empathy and overall brand awareness.

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Social content that makes you stop and think…
maybe even eat.

Instagram Story Influencer Campaign

Utilizing Instagram Story’s growing popularity, we partnered with established Wellness influencers to give users a glimpse into their daily lives with a campaign designed exclusively for the engagement-driven format. After carving out our ideal persona, we found that new customers were more interested in seeing someone like them promote a brand.

Introducing YouTube Bumpers

In 2017,  YouTube launched their bumpers ad unit with one goal in mind–engage consumers only with 6 seconds worth of content. ThreeSixtyEight developed a series of bumpers varying from purely promotional to downright funny. By keeping the message short and impactful, we were able to reach even the most impatient viewer with branded content. 

Hulu and VOD spots were created for placement in LA, Boston, Toronto, and NYC. In these spots, we emphasized the beautiful relationship between the pet parent and their furry loved ones.

Strategic concepts and clean design stand the test of time in a competitive national market. Brands that focus on visual platforms like Instagram need partners that consistently develop beautiful content that converts.