Listening to our audience led to Better Things.

CLIENT Waitr + Bite Squad
SCOPE Integrated Campaign / Creative / Film / Interactive / Out of Home

Waitr and Bite Squad, sister-app food delivery brands, serve customers across more than 80 U.S. markets. As the competition heated up, we launched their first national integrated campaign, inviting the world to take a bite out of busy.


Waitr and Bite Squad grew as a result of finding unique middle markets often overlooked by big brands, but still large enough to support the growth of a food delivery tech company. As they scaled, competitors saturated these blue ocean markets, forcing the food delivery newbies to seek unique ways to stand out against the opposition. We were tasked with finding ways to help the food delivery service stand out in competitive markets across the country.


Research by Waitr and Bite Squad showed the audience for food delivery in their target markets were busy mothers. We developed an honest and hilarious messaging strategy, tapping into the real reasons why parents order delivery. It’s not for the healthiest options, or a certain type of food, or even to live more conveniently. It’s to keep balance in their chaotic lives, while also being able to feed their family. Enter Waitr and Bite Squad.

Did you know:

56% of moms feel brands don’t understand them.

You’ve got better things you’d better do.

Waitr and Bite Squad understand that parenthood is stressful. But dinner doesn’t have to be. From screaming toddlers to parents’ first date night after baby to catastrophic DIY projects, Waitr’s got you covered.

Delivery is a gift for those dealing the chaos of real life. The hectic moments that come from being a tired parent, a new homeowner, or just trying to be “professional” while you’re working from home are what makes Waitr such a valuable part of our customers' lives.

- Craig Key, Previous Vice President of Marketing, Waitr

Chaos looms, and we played that up…


First, the challenge of representing two unique brands.

We built a scalable ad and film framework designed to visually represent both brands across the campaign. Each film spot was shot twice using different uniforms and props so the same stories could live in their respective brand markets.

Next, we considered our media mix.

From 30-second shots to 6-second shots to every ad size in the book, we created unique content for web, social, and print. Why? Our research found that to reach each individual audience, we would need to use distinct mediums. Think quick Instagram Story ads for young couples and billboards for busy moms.

Lastly, parents couldn’t miss our billboards.

Parents spend a lot of time in vehicles, shuffling kids back and forth to soccer practice, dance recitals, and more. That’s why our media agency partner, Fallon, focused a heavy portion of the media strategy around strategically-placed billboards. The billboards came to life with unique messaging and bold art direction.

Promoting food delivery to the people that need it.

Short videos, honest rhetoric, bold visuals. Our strategy helped Waitr and Bite Squad stand out in their markets as the most helpful food delivery service. You’ve got chaos, we’ve got queso.

This project was such a blast to work on. During our brainstorming phase, we came up with roughly 50 video concepts. We edited that list down to only five and shot all of them in three days, utilizing our largest production crew to date. We had a lot of success working with Waitr in the past and this was no different. They gave us all the creative freedom needed to bring our ideas to light. My favorite parts were working with the production designer to create the illusion of a broken front door, and working with one of our wonderful actresses, Brittany, who was willing to adorn a breast pump in support of our crazy ideas.

Phil Roberts
EP / Director

Designing a single unified look for two different brands was intrinsically challenging, though the biggest challenge may have been striking the balance between humor, chaos, and authenticity. In the end, we were able to capture the struggle of everyday parenting in a fun and approachable way, without going completely slap-stick. The combination of bright, refreshing colors, clever copywriting, and relatable scenarios is what made this campaign award-winning.

Corey Schneider
Senior Interactive Designer

This was such an incredible project to be a part of. From start to finish, the team worked together seamlessly to create a series of commercials and campaign assets for Waitr that were unique and different. The Waitr team was involved every step of the way and provided invaluable feedback throughout the process to help create the best work possible. Our team learned a lot during this process and the work speaks for itself - AMAZING!

Kara Pitre
Senior Account Manager

ThreeSixtyEight is dedicated to our mission of uncovering unique ideas through smart research and uncommon thinking. With Waitr/BiteSquad, we uncovered the insight that more than half of mothers feel misunderstood by brands. This same, often overlooked group, could benefit most from a food delivery service. It was this insight that drove the creative and strategic vision for this incredible campaign.

Jeremy Beyt
CSO / Co-Founder