Baton Rouge Meets Modern Asian

CLIENT Soji Modern Asian
SCOPE Naming / Brand Confidence / Brand Identity / Marketing Strategy / Merchandise / Restaurant Experience

Located in the heart of Baton Rouge’s mid-city district, Soji serves up the neon flavors of Asia in a delightfully hip eatery.


Restaurateur Chase Lyons and acclaimed Chef Ryan Andre bonded over their passion for asian street food. After traveling the world and studying recipes across continents, the duo became famous for their pop-up dinners that featured modern takes on cross-cultural asian dishes. It wasn’t long before a restaurant concept was in the works. But this restaurant needed a name – and a brand – one that would stand out amongst Louisiana’s highly competitive, and often conventional, food scene.


We started with the name – a creative take on the chinese word for “gather.” Soji: a name that immediately contextualizes the brand’s cuisine without carrying any stigma or preconceptions. We then crafted a brand around this concept, nailing down the purpose, positioning, personality, and voice. We established messaging guidelines and built out the visual identity from scratch. The logo, an elegantly-lettered mark, may appear subtle if not for the screaming hot pink neon color palette. We then expanded the visual brand system to encompass the whole of the restaurant experience, starting at the menu and ending at the bamboo-leaf wall paper lining the restrooms. The brand system seeks to communicate an unapologetically hip personality that simultaneously holds a deep reverence for ancient tradition.

Full Project Overview

From naming to neon, the Soji brand launch exploded onto the scene with more than two weeks of sold-out tables, over a million impressions, and over 7,500 visits to the website in only ten days.


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Dreamy, washed-out West Coast color palettes paired with rich textures and neon embellishments became the foundation of our style exploration.



“Soji is not just a restaurant, it is an experience. The food and atmosphere made me feel as if I were transported to a totally different and vibrant part of our planet.”


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