A Global Rebrand Powering The On-Demand Economy

CLIENT Rakuten Ready
SCOPE Brand / Messaging / Creative / Film / Interactive

In the on-demand economy, customers want what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Curbside, now known as Rakuten Ready, is a holistic answer to how brick and mortar commerce stores can compete in the Amazon economy. They chose ThreeSixtyEight to rebrand and relaunch this brand globally.


In 2013, a pair of former Apple engineers created Curbside — a comprehensive eCommerce SaaS platform that delivers seamless shopping experiences, connecting brick & mortar stores to mobile-first consumers. Acquired by Rakuten, they needed a rebrand that would make waves, but still hold true to their mission.

With any acquisition, there’s a clear challenge of how close or far to deviate from the parent brand with messaging and visuals. We worked with key stakeholders and Rakuten Corporate to navigate these issues, rebrand Curbside, build a website, and launch marketing materials for their sales team in a matter of mere months. With a crunched timeline, we worked to find creative ways to build launch assets while maintaining the integrity of the brand our team developed.


As their brand partner, we holistically rebranded the company, completely rethinking what is Rakuten Ready and how they sound, look, and feel to their market. We kicked things off with deep brand workshops that included executive and client interviews, and intense customer journey mapping exercises, diving deep into the research and insights that drive this economic change. In our research, we found that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience and 82% of millennials specifically wanted an online experience with the option to still visit a brick and mortar location. Using this data we built out a website, narrative films, and a slew of launch assets focused on hard facts for their B2B sales team to use upon the public launch of the brand.

73% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions.

The customer experience is no longer just about the in-store atmosphere, it’s about bridging brick and mortar stores with online eCommerce. How do we uniquely tell this emerging story?

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Time back: the real advantage of Rakuten Ready.

Immersive Digital Experience

A scalable, module-based site allows Rakuten’s marketing team to build major pages in the future as they enhance and build products.

Quality Time Returned

While working through the website process, our team uncovered a unique messaging opportunity — the Quality Time Returned metric. This new brand differentiator helps prospects better understand that the ultimate benefit of Rakuten Ready’s platform is time saved for their customers.

Alongside an immersive online experience and brand films, we created an array of B2B collateral to kick off the public launch of their new brand.

Product Overview Videos

We created detailed product overview videos for each of Rakuten Ready’s major products — ARRIVE and CONNECT. The videos feature the benefits of the products for both interested businesses (Rakuten Ready’s primary audience) and their customers.

B2B Sales Materials

Leveraging our presentation service line, Big Fish Presentations, we built multiple sets of B2B oriented presentation materials, including a pitch presentation for the sales team to use in pitches and conference presentations for the leadership team to use at thought-leadership events.


A complicated rebrand is always a challenge, but our team and the Rakuten Ready team worked together to find the best ways to build a lasting and innovative brand.

Gus Murillo
COO / Co-Founder

Telling the story of human impact while simplifying complex technology is always a challenge. For Rakuten Ready, I enjoyed weaving those storylines together in a way that builds empathy, trust, and credibility.

Tara Lirette
Senior Brand Strategist

Visually communicating the story behind a new, pioneering brand was a unique challenge that we were ready to take on. We had to ensure that this new brand would resonate with a variety of users. Our approach was to use motion and custom interactions throughout the brand to delight the user along their journey. We used a clean interface to add a layer of sophistication and clarity to an otherwise intricate story.

Corey Schneider
Senior Interactive Designer

With any rebrand and website build, clear communication and alignment on goals is a top priority. We established a very close and open line of communication with the Rakuten Ready team through weekly calls and Slack channels. This allowed us to build a close relationship with the Rakuten Ready team and lent itself to the success of the project.

Kara Pitre
Senior Account Manager