Advancing the careers of our country's sailors.

CLIENT Bluejacketeer
SCOPE Branding / User Experience / Product Design / Social Media Marketing

The Navy-wide Advancement Exam (NWAE) is a skills evaluation completed by all U.S. sailors twice per year, but the Navy does not facilitate any study process for its sailors. Instead, sailors receive a bibliography of references relevant to their exam and a good-luck salute. Many sailors struggle to find success absorbing the bulk of required information. Enter Bluejacketeer.


The U.S. Navy is unique in determining its promotions through a combination of merit and proficiency exams. After personal experiences struggling to prepare for the NWAE, former sailors Allen Wood and Jonny Coreson founded Bluejacketeer, a Navy-specific study application. Using the scientifically-proven spaced repetition model, the app effectively prepares sailors for their exams and eliminates a great deal of stress along the way. But, after five years of use, the application and brand were stale and plateauing in growth.


The founders approached ThreeSixtyEight with a big ask – rebrand and redesign their product from the ground up. The goal: convert more of the Navy’s latent audience to paid users of the app while increasing time spent in-app among its existing user base. To accomplish this, we focused on improving user experience and legitimizing their brand perception.


Upon re-launch, Bluejacketeer experienced positive testimony from existing users and new customer growth totaling 44% in the first quarter. In the first year after introducing the free trial feature, 15,000 customers have redeemed a trial with over 80% converting to paid subscriptions. This translated into an 11.4% revenue increase from Q1 2019 to Q1 2020.

Customer feedback drove our strategic redesign.

Our team dove into Bluejackeeter’s brand, the product, and the unique needs of the Navy audience. We audited the existing UX and collected customer feedback and analytics, then presented a recommended app feature set that would most attract their audience. Finally, we collaborated closely with the founders to make the new Bluejacketeer web app, mobile app, and website come to life.

An elevated visual brand complemented the platform’s new look and feel.

Sailors are competitive and driven to succeed. We gave them a clear path forward with a system to track their progress.

Making Sense of Spaced Repetition

Our research showed a vague understanding of spaced repetition among the brand’s audience. A scientifically-proven method for learning and retaining large amounts of information, Bluejacketeer’s spaced repetition algorithm sets the study app apart from its flashcard-based competitors. Our redesign clarified this value-add for prospective users via website animations and reinforced understanding through microinteractions within the study app. This combination approach works to convert latent audiences and retain existing customers.

Choose Your Study Method

Everyone learns differently. That’s why the new Bluejacketeer app lets sailors choose their preferred method to study their complete catalog of references.

Increased Confidence with Mock Exam

The NWAE is a grueling 3-hour written exam. Customer feedback indicated a strong desire to simulate this unique pressure test ahead of the real deal. We integrated a new practice exam feature that mimics the testing environment, leading to increased confidence on exam day.


Who doesn’t love free? We found the Bluejacketeer user base included last-minute test crammers who weren’t yet committed to investing in a study tool. In the first year after launching the 7-day free trial feature, more than 15,000 customers redeemed the offer with over 80% of those users converting to paid subscribers.

Peer-to-Peer Metrics

The Navy ranks sailors against their peers to determine who advances within each exam cycle. The new dashboard motivates sailors with visualizations of their effort and progress compared to their peers’ scores. 


Competition drives engagement. The new app includes a points system and leaderboard for users to measure how they rank against their friends and among their rate class.

Everything [TSE] suggested made sense and at times it was like they understood the business better than I did... I was always impressed with their level of detail in understanding the product … their willingness to dive deep into understanding our product was really important to us.

Allen Wood, Founder, Bluejacketeer
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*Percentage of trial users that converted to paid subscriptions upon trial expiration.

But wait, there’s more…

Bluejacketeer re-engaged our team for a social media advertising campaign to promote the app for upcoming exam cycles and named us their strategic agency partner for the creation of a new product, an expanded study prep platform built for all professional exams. We’re excited to work as Bluejacketeer’s strategic partner as we grow our businesses alongside one another.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better than getting immersed in a brand and building a mutual trust with its founders. We get the privilege to work as a close extension of the Bluejacketeer team, take (fun but validated) risks, and help our country’s Sailors along the way. Hell yeah!

Tara Lirette
Director of Strategy

Taking an existing app and making an overhaul of UI and UX improvements required a lot of trust from the client and focus from our team. In the end, both parties were very satisfied with the refreshed visual brand and the app ecosystem that both looks amazing and provides a pleasant experience for the end-user.

Corey Schneider
Senior Interactive Designer