Building A Platform For Better Health & Well-Being


Every month, over 10,000 readers learn how to live a healthier life using the award-winning MyCarolinaLife platform.

Tidelands Health – one of South Carolina’s largest and fastest growing healthcare provider – knew that they had to reach beyond the walls of their facilities to improve the health of their community. With this goal in mind, our team created a unique platform that gives Tidelands Health a voice that echoes across devices and into homes everywhere.


Intuitive content platforms like WordPress and Hubspot make it easy for brands to utilize inbound content marketing strategies, but the resulting mass influx of web content means it is increasingly difficult for brands to break through the noise ceiling online. Those who find the greatest success treat their brand as a media outlet (think Forbes, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post), regularly publishing quality content on an easy-to-use platform. Tidelands approached ThreeSixtyEight with the idea to create their own content brand with the mission of engaging the community with content designed to improve the health and lives of residents.


We worked alongside the Tidelands branding and communications team to create  – an online media outlet for Tidelands residents. We branded, designed, developed, and marketed this new community-focused platform. Our design and strategy team set out to build a vibrant online experience that felt rich with positive information. Standing apart from the corporate Tidelands website and system-specific information, the MyCarolinaLife platform features community spotlights, health tips, recipes, news updates, and uplifting stories.

Our user-experience team architected a platform designed for storytelling and cross-channel shareability.

A robust module system

We delivered a flexible design system that utilizes a dynamic series of modules that empower Tidelands’ writers to craft beautifully engaging posts in an array of formats. We leaned away from traditional long-form text blocks and incorporated photography and complementary visual elements to engage readers.

Optimized for shareability

Using live stats for each article, we guide users to the “viral” content. We encourage engagement by providing straightforward methods for sharing content directly from each article.


Robust Search and Filtering

With such a broad range of topics, users expect to quickly sort through the content library to find the articles they prefer. We created a robust search and filtering mechanism to ensure ease of use when diving down into the topics most interesting to the reader.