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7 Ways To Create a Passionate Community

About this Topic:

What do Facebook, Peloton, and Nextdoor have in common?

They are internet powerhouses that have grown through the power of communities. On Facebook alone, 70 million admins and moderators are running active groups. Brands that create the right community strategy will see more brand loyalty, sales, product innovation, and company growth.

Online groups have grown leaps and bounds in the past decade, but their growth has accelerated at a dizzying speed in the past two years due to the pandemic. Without the ability to connect in person, many global citizens turned to online communities to create community and belongingness with others. And though Covid has waned, these communities have only gotten stronger.

The good news is, virtual communities have not only been reserved for the big players.

Join Lan Phan, Founder and CEO of community of SEVEN, as she shares the Seven Ways to Create a Passionate Community, online and offline.

Learning Objectives:
· how a community can garner loyalty, sales, and company growth
· ways to build a passionate community, online and offline 
· insights and strategies to develop your community

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Debunking Burnout

Ft. Erayna Sargent, Founder of Hooky Wellness

This session covers:

  • Recognizing common myths & misconceptions that perpetuate the burnout cycle.
  • Understand practical actions that attract talent and create Anti-Burnout behaviors to embed within the employee life cycle.
  • Explore how to bridge the gap between awareness and action and drive benefits utilization.

“What’s The Password?” Breaking Into Strategy

Ft. ThreeSixtyEight’s Strategy Team, Tara Lirette, Hailey Johnson, Cody Coumes, Caroline Stoltzfus, Brian Kelly, and Kaitlyn Hieb

This session covers:

  • The numerous career paths within strategy.
  • Personal stories from each of our team members on how they broke into strategy.
  • Tactical steps you can take if you’re interested in a career as a strategist.

The State of Flow State

Ft. John Lacy of Idea Grove, Lauren Vaccarello of Salesloft, and Kara Pitre of ThreeSixtyEight

This session covers:

  • Creating focus environments.
  • Tactical ways leaders can build flow state into their work cultures.
  • Questions companies should be asking when implementing flow state organization

Welcome To The Future, It’s Already Here

Ft. Libby Rodney, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of the Futures practice at The Harris Poll

This session covers:

  • What is the metaverse and why you should care.
  • Consumer values that are fueling the metaverse.
  • Interesting brand experiments we can learn from.

How to Build an Uncommon Brand

Ft. Kenny Nguyen, CEO/Co-Founder of ThreeSixtyEight

This session covers:

  • The key differences between brand vs. branding.
  • Tactical ways to incorporate your mission/values into your marketing.
  • Insights on how the top “Uncommon Ones” demonstrate how they live their purpose.

Digital Experiences: How An Uncommon Microsite Can Multiply Your Customer Engagement

Ft. Timothy Ricks, Senior Design Engineer, ThreeSixtyEight

This session covers:

    • Leveraging uncommon microsites to connect with your audience.
    • Making microsites stand out from traditional organization-focused websites.
    • Real-world examples.

Digital Campfires: A New Framework for Building Intimacy With Your Audience

Ft. Sara Wilson, Founder/Principal, SW Projects

This session covers:

  • Digital campfires.
  • Brand, organization, or platform’s long-term survival.
  • How to leverage a 3-step digital campfire formula.

Remote Leadership Panel: Creating Connection Among Remote Teams

Ft. Jinal Shah of Feather, Julian Cheevers of VistaPrint, and Shane Metcalf of 15five

This session covers:

  • Future of post-pandemic work.
  • Stories of remote work experiences
  • How organizations are steering their cultures forward.

Measuring Creativity: How Your Organization Can Measure Creative Ideas

Ft. Adam Morgan, Executive Creative Director, Adobe

This session covers:

  • Measuring creativity correctly.
  • A new data-driven creativity model.
  • A simple formula to better engage audiences.

Storytelling with Impact: How to Change Attitudes and Behavior with Cheryl Houser

Ft. Cheryl Houser, Founder & CEO of Creative Breed

This session covers:

  • Making people fall in love with your storytelling.
  • Griping and holding their attention.
  • Mobilizing groups to take positive action.

Anti-Racist Leadership: How to Reconcile Racism with Adrian Parker

Ft. Adrian Parker, Vice President of Marketing at Patron Tequila, UNFOLLOW podcast host.

This session covers:

  • How to uncover your/your brand’s true stance on racism.
  • How to identify the five most common responses to racism and recenter on being anti-racist.
  • Available tools, activities, and resources to better unite teams around race.

Human Leadership: How Great Leaders Spark Momentum to Move Their Organizations

Ft. Kristin Bloomquist, Leadership Coach

This session covers:

  • Defining the 3 P’s of what makes a great human leader, and how that translates to creating momentum.
  • Explaining how to use your EQ to connect with the people you lead effectively.
  • Discussing how to build development structures within your organization to help groom future talent.

Creators in the Time of Coronavirus

Ft. Jessica Carson, Author of Wired This Way & Director of Innovation, American Psychological Association

This session covers:

  • Learning the historical context of creators in times of crisis, sickness, and isolation.
  • Exploring how one can refocus and balance your new time further for creative breakthroughs.

The Three P’s of Successful Brands

Ft. Kenny Nguyen, CEO/Co-Founder of ThreeSixtyEight, Jeremy Beyt, CSO/Co-Founder of ThreeSixtyEight, and Gus Murillo, COO/Co-Founder of ThreeSixtyEight

This session covers:

  • Building a company marketing scorecard that reflects authenticity within a brand.
  • Learning how to make customers, fans, and people into heroes.
  • Discovering what characteristics make uncommon companies using ThreeSixtyEight’s Three P’s Framework.

Leading on LinkedIn

Ft. Betsy Hindman, founder of Hindman Company

This session covers:

  • Best and worst examples of how leaders are living their company’s purpose via LinkedIn during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Frameworks on how to maximize posts to appeal to the latest LinkedIn algorithm.
  • Best tactics in improving your profile and content to serve audiences better.

Challenging Convictions: How to Build an Innovation Mindset

Ft. Fred Schonenberg, Founder of Venturefuel

This session covers:

  • Ways to best diagnose gaps within a company that is ripe for innovation.
  • How to properly assess internal vs. external resources to tackle challenging and complex problems.
  • Creative ways to quickly pool new perspective and insight into a company.

Brand, Purpose, Growth: How Marketing Leaders Must Measure What Matters

Ft. Mayur Gupta, former Chief Marketing Officer of Freshly

This session covers:

  • How marketers can build systems within organizations that successfully grow their user bases, value, and brand.
  • The critical differences between brand marketing and overall brand experience.
  • Frameworks that can help turn your marketing organization from non-measurable to measurable.

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