Looking for a Sign? Look No Further.

Downtown Choctaw street, tucked away behind railroad tracks is an unassuming building that contains everything you need to get going in the right direction. Literally.

Whether your bash needs branding, your guests need guidance or everything needs engraving, the folks at Rebel Graphix have the tools and the talent to bring your designs to life. Better than using words to explain Rebel, I’ll just show you a sign. This sign to be exact:

This one piece in the lobby exhibits the variety and brilliance that Rebel Graphix has to offer in a gorgeous cityscape. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: each piece detaches from the wall with Velcro so that clients and visitors alike can touch and feel their different options. From MDO panel to acrylic and PVC, this creative wall piece displays every material option created by Rebel Graphix. This piece was designed by Julia Yarbrough, one of Rebel’s in-house designers who ensures each piece is in tip-top shape.

In Rebel Graphix’s unique process, an information treasure hunt is conducted to get the clearest picture possible of the client’s vision. Rebel Graphix understands that a sign isn’t just a sign; it’s a representation of a company’s culture. “If they aren’t wowed,” says sales manager Mark Vincent, “we haven’t done our job.” Whether the need is event props or permanent site signage, Mark will survey the space personally to assess the needs and spatial quirks of the venue.


What started out as a rubber stamp company has become so much more. Just off the lobby, Rebel displays the metamorphoses of their logo from the year 1957 until now. With an agile team of 10, Rebel creates beautiful wayfinding, posters, specialty items and so much more. In addition, two of their team members are of the four-legged variety.


We’ve had a blast working with Ranger and the rest of his team on Assembly Required and learning more about the print process! If you’re looking for excellence, color, and brilliance in visuals, Rebel is the place to be.

Our new conference series, Assembly Required, is in full swing. Tickets for innovators in Food are available now.