Bringing Groundbreaking Creative Strategies to the Healthcare Category

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Building on our immense experience in the healthcare and wellness space, our team is proud to participate in groundbreaking digital and experiential work for our clients. From healthcare startups to insurance companies and large hospital systems, our focus is on bringing a fresh perspective to the radically-changing healthcare environment.

Acting as a strategic partner for Ochsner Health System through some of their most innovative endeavors, we helped launch the brand’s investments in a new market by leading the design, development, and implementation of their first foray into a public, out-of-clinic brand activation. ThreeSixtyEight succeeded as an innovation partner by shaking up the way things have always been done and delivering highly strategic and effective concepts to achieve the company’s goals.

InnovationHub at Lakeside Shopping Center

In 2018, Ochsner searched for a vendor to develop an innovative way to deliver memorable patient experiences outside the traditional clinical setting. In response, our agency ThreeSixtyEight developed the interactive “InnovationHub” concept, which is a semi-retail experience that equips patients and the community with the knowledge, digital health products, and Ochsner services to help each member stay well. This project’s vision to be a beacon that promotes health and wellness for the public in highly trafficked areas aims to reinforce Ochsner’s reputation as a leading healthcare innovation partner in the Gulf South and build/strengthen patient relationships.
A fully realized experiential engagement, ThreeSixtyEight leveraged bleeding edge software and hardware technologies to reinforce the innovative positioning of the brand. Our space includes a 9-foot, triple-sided convex touchscreen OLED tower, the first iteration of this use-case in the entire world. The tower hosts an immersive 3D human body, educational videos exploring innovation at Ochsner, a virtual vending machine interface, and a health and wellness trivia game. One face of the tower is dedicated to a 2-minute augmented reality experience that introduces users to Ochsner’s virtual visit offering.

An additional element of visual intrigue is found in the use of 3D hologram technology, which displays custom footage of a New Orleans Saints athlete running, jumping, and celebrating victory. This hologram technology is highly limited in usage in the US and is one of the only use cases in the world of a fully functional double-sided hologram experience.

It takes an incredible effort to bring together this volume of custom content. In addition to our core team of 30, 22 fabrication shops contributed to the fully custom site build and over 50 internal Ochsner resources contributed to content research and other aspects of the site. The first InnovationHub lives in Lakeside Shopping Center, with future sites currently in development.

Bleeding edge hologram technology acts as a hub for unique 3D content.

Custom applications for trivia games, personalized wellness quizzes, augmented reality, product content, and wellness tips fill the space.

The Grove

The Grove represents a $100M investment in the Baton Rouge community. ThreeSixtyEight helped Ochsner tease and tell the story of this innovative healthcare complex in the months before and after its launch through an integrated portfolio of media. After building a thorough understanding of the complex’s value propositions, we dove into market research to better understand the community’s perception of the brand. We found our answer when we realized that Ochsner did not feel ingrained in the community according to many locals.

So, instead of shining a light on High Grove’s service lines or the fancy building, we gave members of the community a platform to speak and be heard. We interviewed nearly 100 members of the target community and asked one insightful question: “What would you change about your health?” Using these interviews, we developed a fully integrated set of creative that reflected on the answers gathered and showed the community that Ochsner is listening, and most importantly, acting to make health better for our area.

Tidelands Health serves as the largest and fastest growing healthcare provider for South Carolina’s coastal region. For the past five years, ThreeSixtyEight has acted as the sole creative agency on the brand’s roster. Working alongside their award-winning internal marketing team, we collaborate to build engaging creative and unique digital products to engage the Tidelands community.

Two brands become one

In 2015, Georgetown and Waccamaw Hospitals in the Tidelands area were two distinct brands under one single system. Amy Stevens, VP of Marketing, executed an internal rebranding initiative to link all of the 30+ individual locations under one system-wide brand — Tidelands Health. Amy’s team reached out to ThreeSixtyEight for help launching the unified brand. That’s when we created an animated film to announce the change internally and to the community. For the next two years, we executed a series of brand films to tell the story of the Tidelands System.

A site for the community to have a voice

In 2017, we helped their team communicate the refreshed mission and vision guiding the unified Tidelands Health System. The microsite introduced the mission and vision while engaging the community members to share their perspective on what better health means. Top contributors’ thoughts were shared on billboards within the region.

Uniquely designed for storytelling and shareability

In 2018, our team was tapped to find a new way to present content to the community. Content platforms like WordPress and Hubspot make it easy for brands to utilize inbound content marketing strategies, but the resulting mass influx of web content means it is increasingly difficult for brands to break through the noise ceiling online. Those who find the greatest success treat their brand as a media outlet (think Forbes, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post), regularly publishing quality content on an easy-to-use platform. Tidelands approached ThreeSixtyEight with the idea to create their own content brand with the goal of engaging the community with content designed to improve the health and lives of residents. We worked alongside the Tidelands branding and communications team to create – an online media outlet for Tidelands residents. We branded, designed, developed, and marketed this new community-focused platform. Our design and strategy team set out to build a vibrant online experience that felt rich with positive information. Standing apart from the corporate Tidelands website and system-specific information, the MyCarolinaLife platform features community spotlights, health tips, recipes, news updates, and uplifting stories.

East Jefferson General Hospital is a nationally-recognized hospital in Louisiana. EJGH reached out to TSE in search of a web partner to accomplish the highly technical and complex task of redesigning the hospital’s decade old website. Auditing hundreds of content pages, ThreeSixtyEight’s strategists developed a comprehensive plan to migrate and revise the website to fit the needs of the current healthcare audience.

The new website considers SEO, user experience best practices, and accessibility to serve audiences content they need in the most seamless way possible. We created a robust physician search tool (with an included tutorial on how to use the tool) to help users find the right physician for their health needs. Additionally, our site features a robust module system that allows for the internal team to easily scale into future content and quickly build robust landing pages that amplify marketing efforts.

The result? A search engine friendly, user focused, developmentally sound, and marketing optimized tool that will grow with the brand.

A robust physician finder tool, equipping the community to find the healthcare resources they need.

We crafted a modular CMS that allows the internal team to build out visually-engaging and SEO-friendly content within minutes

Our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana began with the request to build out the digital portion of an ongoing brand campaign. BCBSLA used staff interviews to find real stories highlighting innovative elements of the brand and its offerings that suffer from low awareness in the market. ThreeSixtyEight designed and built a digital storytelling tool to display these stories in an engaging and visually-stunning environment. From meeting nurses on staff to exploring the ways deep AI analytics is changing the landscape of healthcare, our microsite exists as a place for these stories to be told and received, now and in the future.

A robust place for film to tell the story.

We crafted a CMS that would allow for new stories to be added to the mix by the team. We wanted a living and breathing digital environment.