3 Ways to Boost Your Team’s Productivity When Working Remotely

Today we are welcoming David “Miz” Mizne of 15Five (one of our favorite applications) to the ThreeSixtyEight blog! Even if your team is not completely remote, these hacks can boost productivity and employee engagement in any organization.

At ThreeSixtyEight, we have a “No Meeting Wednesday” policy. Every Wednesday, we do our best to keep the day meeting-free so that each team member can get into a deep zone and knock out their task lists.  Some of our team elects to work remotely to get into “the zone” on these days. That’s why we’re so excited to dive into these tips to boost the effectiveness of our own “NMW” (No Meeting Wednesday).


Managing a remote team gives employers the opportunity to work with the best candidates for any given position, regardless of where they happen to be located. It’s easy to understand how companies benefit when they have the freedom to hire the ideal candidate for the job.

That said, managing a remote team isn’t without its difficulties. When your workers all share an office together, it’s much easier to motivate them and track productivity with an employee performance management system. This is a challenge if your employees are all based in various parts of the country or the world.

The right productivity hacks can help in this situation. The following three tips will help you keep your remote team on task, ensuring they reach their goals with maximum efficiency.

1. Keep in Touch

According to Gallup surveys, communicating with your employees on a daily basis is essential to boosting engagement.

It’s easy to forget that communication is necessary when your employees aren’t in the office with you every day. However, Gallup’s findings indicate that providing consistent feedback and direction is necessary regardless of whether your team is remote or in office. Luckily, surveys also indicate that regular communication is an effective way to boost engagement even when it’s not face-to-face.

Make setting aside time each day to check in with every member of your team a priority. You might also consider establishing a weekly meeting during which you connect the entire team. Use these “meetings” to restate the organization’s goals and let your employees know how their work contributes to the overall mission of the company.

2. Acknowledge Achievement

Want an extremely simple way to boost engagement and morale? Recognize your employees when they achieve major goals. Management experts find this simple act can have a big impact on the attitude of your workers.

It’s often particularly effective when you recognize employees publicly. If you use a management tool to keep in touch with your remote team, send everyone a message that acknowledges when a member of the team has done excellent work. That employee will feel appreciated, and other team members will strive to earn the same kind of recognition.

3. Incentivize

Productivity hacks don’t need to be complicated to work. For instance, in a recent survey of workers, 85% of participants reported being more motivated to work harder if their supervisor offered rewards for achieving a goal. Something as simple as letting employees know they can “win” a gift card if they’re more productive often works.

Most importantly, keep track of your employees’ progress. Applying a productivity hack is only helpful if you can confirm it’s working as intended. By keeping these tips in mind and monitoring your employees with the right management software, you’ll see a major boost in efficiency.

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