New Kids on the Block

Jumping into the culture of a company like ThreeSixtyEight isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be daunting, challenging, and at times, intimidatingly cool. But it can be easy with a buddy or two by your side.

Amanda Rabalais, Ebony Smith, and Adam Graves are the three newest members of the ThreeSixtyEight family, and they’re excited to get started!

A Conversation with Amanda, Ebony, and Adam

It’s the middle of a busy Wednesday in September. The memory of Labor Day is in everyone’s minds, but the work never stops at ThreeSixtyEight.

Well, except for Amanda, Ebony, and Adam. Sitting in the comfortable warmth of the lobby, they discuss what it’s like to be new team members at TSE.

Why did you guys decide to work at ThreeSixtyEight?

Ebony: Well I already knew Kenny from LSU, and I was always following his endeavors, like with Big Fish. So when I saw that the two companies merged, I was very interested. The branding and company culture really caught me. It was like, man, I just gotta work there.

Adam: Yeah, I knew Phil through his wife, who I’ve been friends with for a long time. So, I would always ask him, “If you have any openings let me know!” So he finally told me there was an opening, and I started researching the company, and like Ebony said, the culture was really cool. I liked just how relaxed it is. That’s one thing that really got me out of all the other interviews. No one else seemed as cool as ThreeSixtyEight. So I was super pumped when I got the job.

Amanda: Exactly! I knew another intern who used to work here, Hailey Johnson, and when she was leaving, she DMed me on Twitter and was like “Hey are you interested in an internship here?” And I told her “I mean, of course I’m interested,” but in the back of my head I was thinking “There’s no way that they’ll actually offer me the internship.” But then they did! It was weird because I definitely think ThreeSixtyEight is too cool for me. Like they haven’t discovered that I’m actually a nerd yet.

Ebony: Yeah, I came from my previous job that was very corporate, where you were cordial with your coworkers. But before I was hired here, I was already friends with everyone here. I was on hug-basis with everyone. So I thought, “I’d love to work there, it’ll be doing great work with my friends.”

Amanda: Yeah, it is very much like a family here!

So if this is one big family, which family member do you think y’all are?

Adam: Haha, well I feel like a baby boy right now.

Ebony: Right?! Yeah.

Amanda: I feel like we’re all newly adopted children!

Ebony: Yeah, everyone is really helpful, but it’s like, man, I’ve got big shoes to fill.

The new hires nod in agreement. Quick! Someone has to change the subject before the work left open on their desktops calls them back!

What are some interests you guys have?

Amanda: My interests are very millennial… Social media, photography, writing, that whole scene. Oh, but also dogs. I love dogs so much. I have two dogs and they’re perfect. They’re Boston Terriers and their names are Roxy and Maisy and I love them so much. Do you have pets?

Adam: I have a dog! He’s a Beagle/Golden Retriever mix named Arnold.

Amanda: Arnold! That’s such a great name! I love human names for animals. Like, I want to get a dog and name him Ernie. What about you Ebony, any pets?

Ebony: No animals, unless you count a two-year-old.

Amanda: Haha, I mean pretty close! What’s your two-year-old’s name?

Ebony: Jason. He’s a sweetheart.

The new hires take a momentary break to reflect on the cuteness of puppies and two-year-olds.

Ebony: Yeah, 80% of my time is spent with him, but outside of that I love to fish. And on weekends, I go to church and I sing at church. And outside of strategy, I love graphic design, too! What about you Adam?

Adam: My favorite thing to do is snowboarding, but I only get to do it like once a year, if I’m lucky.

Amanda: I’ve never been snowboarding, I don’t like the idea of my feet not being independent of one another.

Adam: Haha, yeah it’s tricky. I fell probably 200 times before I eventually got it.

What’s your favorite part of ThreeSixtyEight so far?

Ebony: The best part for me is knowing that I’m always going to learn something new. You know, like today I’m learning about more digital marketing analytics. Everyday, I get to learn something different.

Amanda: Yeah, same! I’m talking communications classes at LSU too, so it’s really cool to learn the lessons in the classroom, but then also come to work and live them out here.

Adam: Yeah, this is my first job out of school, so it’s really cool to be able to do things not just for projects. You know, I’m actually making all of these things to be used in the real world. It’s super interesting to learn all of those processes.

“The best part for me is knowing that I’m always going to learn something new.” -Ebony Smith

Important question – what’s your favorite food?

Amanda: My mind immediately went to pizza, but now that I think about it, I also really like popcorn. There’s just nothing better than popping a bag of popcorn and sitting down on the couch after a long day. I don’t know, I’m feeling very passionate about popcorn, right now.

Ebony: Haha, okay so we’re going to say popcorn then. What’s yours Adam?

Adam: Mine’s probably this dessert called “yummies” that my grandma and mom make. It’s like a brownie/cookie. It’s like a thick cookie cake with powdered sugar on top.

Ebony: That sounds so good. I might have to put a request in for that.

Amanda: Seriously let’s get on that…. What about you Ebony?

Ebony: Oh, I’m complicated. I love food. If I had to pick one food, though… It’d probably be chicken and waffles. The best place I’ve had it is Copelands on Bluebonnet. But then after that… Mexican food. Or Asian food. The list goes on.

The door suddenly opens and a wild Kara walks through. 

Kara: Y’all having a new hire pow-wow in here? What’s happening?

The jig is up.
The new hire safety bubble has popped, and it’s time to go back to work.

With thoughts of popcorn, yummies, and chicken and waffles to carry them through the next few hours, the new members of ThreeSixtyEight walk back to their desks to finish the day’s work. 

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