Over 60% of total traffic to brand websites is driven by search.

And 50% of consumers visit a store within one day of a local search on their smartphone.

Search is how consumers are now discovering information and search engines, like Google or Bing, determine what answers those consumers received. Search engines prioritize brands and content that are helpful, informative, and optimized across screens and devices.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, ensures high web visibility for brands. To achieve success, brands must look beyond driving rankings, traffic, and direct responses. They have to optimize user experiences, resulting in pages that align with the full digital ecosystem.

Using targeting, ThreeSixtyEight aligns keywords, listings, and landing pages to build brand value, understand, and meet the searcher’s intent by providing the specific information they were looking for in that exact moment.

We research keywords and phrases to target your audience with aligned messaging and content in both paid search and SEO.

The key to success is ongoing optimization. ThreeSixtyEight optimizes all aspects of effective search. Our team ensures that web pages are properly coded, content is organized properly with relevant keywords and phrases, paid search is launched, and social media kick starts public awareness. At this point, SEO is fully integrated with all client marketing strategy, creating a unified approach to traffic generation.

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