We turn presentation into experiences with Big Fish Presentations.

One of the hardest things to do during a presentation is to create memorable content that connects with your audiences and pushes them to take action.

From small to large, local or national, we can help your company turn every event or presentation into an experience.ThreeSixtyEight’s team of strategists help build a communication plan that helps you move the consumers you want to impact. Whether the content involves training teams how to pitch a new product, curating activities to bring audiences together, or writing a keynote speech, our team is well equipped and experienced in building and sharing messages within presentations and film.

We use presentation content created by either our team or your team and concept visuals that match the message to then build out your entire presentation. We take data that you need to showcase and design it in a way that’s visually attractive and easy to understand, and we create unique artwork within your presentation to bring themes and messages to life.

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