According to a Freeman Global Brand Experience Study, one in three CMOs reported that within three to five years, 20% of their marketing budgets will be allocated to experiential marketing.

From street teams to pop-ups to corporate trade shows, experiential marketing is more than just events. It combines brand strategy, architecture, publicity, design, content development, technology, artistry, and production to launch long-lasting and memorable connections between consumers and brands.

  • 95% of event creators who used experiential marketing in 2017 found it effective. (Eventbrite)
  • 70% of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event. (Event Track)
  • 77% of marketers use experiential marketing as a vital part of a brand’s advertising strategies. (Event Track)
  • 80% of polled attendants mentioned that live demonstrations and free samples drastically helped solidify their purchase decision. (Event Track)

Our experiential discipline is not a pre-packaged deliverable, but a strategically driven initiative that pulls in designers, engineers, constructors, software developers, communicators, usability experts, and more. No two experiences look the same

Brands are constantly looking for new ways to engage with digital-savvy audiences at trade shows, and events, and that’s where our use of interactive digital displays comes into play. Using the newest technology and engaging interactive design, we bring your brand to your audiences’ fingertips!

Experiential marketing and branding doesn’t stop with the event. Our team of strategists extend your live experience to broader audiences using social media, partnerships, and more, presenting your brand at the right time and place to help draw audiences to you. Throughout, we measure engagement to continue creating bigger and better experiences for your audience.

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