Customer Experience

Customers are 5 times more likely to purchase from companies providing awesome customer experiences.

Today, customers don’t just want to buy products; they want personalized experiences.

The most difficult part of providing a great customer experience is knowing your customer well enough to deliver relevant information and experiences. That’s where ThreeSixtyEight comes in.

For every brand, we create customer personas to gain a complete, individual view of customers. We then use that research to create campaigns, websites, and experiences that retain customers and build brand loyalty. The key is delivering consistent, seamless experiences across all touchpoints and ensuring that your marketing is relevant to your audience.

Research shows that word of mouth is still the most influential media, leading to more purchases than print media, television, movies and other general marketing tactics. Holistic experiences that involve feelings, senses, thoughts, and actions get consumers talking about brands and products in positive ways. Creating powerful customer experiences leads to positive word of mouth to help your brand meet its goals and strategies.

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