Campaign Planning

Campaigns are meant to identify relevant, integrated marketing activities and channels to reach objectives and influence audiences. Great campaigns excite those audiences by surprising them with something new and unexpected.

Effective campaigns start with big-picture and end-goal thinking. Following through on a campaign, from brainstorming to post launch measurement and everything in between, ensures your brand sees direct ROI.

The most successful campaigns are targeted and measurable. At ThreeSixtyEight, we use data to not only optimize campaigns, but identify opportunities to create unexpected experiences for consumers.

ThreeSixtyEight’s creative and strategy teams work together to develop integrated marketing campaigns from a user-centric point of view. All campaigns start with an exploratory brief to learn who your target audience consists of, the questions and problems they want solved, and the appropriate channels to reach those audiences. Next, we find creative solutions to your consumers’ questions or problems that integrate with the broader brand experience to allow for clear and innovative storytelling and user experience.

The end result is a campaign that delivers maximum relevance and value to consumers, while also thrilling and engaging them with memorable experiences.

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