Brand Identity

A clear identity is the foundation of a brand’s marketing and communication initiatives.

Today, consumers expect more out of brands. Rather than engage their customers transactionally, brands must clearly convey their purpose and promise in order to win. The strongest brands share a clear identity with their consumers and reinforce that identity through a connected set of experiences.

ThreeSixtyEight approaches brand identity by first conducting a Brand Confidence Workshop where our strategists work to define the purpose, position, and personality of an organization. This process yields a brief that enables the brand to clearly communicate its mission, vision, values, and capabilities to a clearly defined audience. We extend this framework to include messaging guidelines that simplify and clarify the brand promise so that customers get excited about the organization’s capability.

For every engagement, we execute from a toolkit of brand strategy tasks such as community audits, brand audits, consumer research, competitive analysis, regionalization planning, company culture audits, and marketing audits to inform our brand strategy. This work is eventually distilled into actionable marketing and communication plans that eliminate the need for future discovery and directly inform integrated marketing initiatives.

Our brand identity capability is custom tailored for each organization and may include services like naming, positioning, purpose, messaging, personality, tone of voice, mission/vision, and branding guidelines. A clear brand identity is the foundation of all marketing and communication efforts.

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