Some Assembly Required: An Evolution

The Evolution of Assembly Required

In 2017, we launched Assembly Required: a quarterly conference series that sparked innovation and entrepreneurship by gathering people from different backgrounds to do awesome things in their local communities. Throughout the year we highlighted women in leadership, masters of story, leaders in tech, and entrepreneurs in food.

To date, Assembly Required is our most ambitious creation. Our small team worked tirelessly to create something we believed the community truly needed. We wanted to bring a national perspective to important topics that would shift the local conversation. Through this, we hoped to instill creative confidence in the local community and add thrust to local innovators.

From the conference series, we’ve seen businesses created, professional lives changed for the better, and companies reimagined to align with their vision for the future. After 4 successful installments, many folks in our community have asked about the future of Assembly Required.

What’s Next

After months of deliberation, planning, and interviewing, we’ve decided to bring back Assembly Required as SOME Assembly Required. We’ve evolved the event, and while the goal remains the same, we’re getting more intimate with our attendees. This time around we will feature a small group format with facilitated discussions, workshops, and talks targeting common difficulties faced by young professionals.

Simply put, SOME Assembly Required will deliver high-impact, concentrated information in a more sustainable format. Some Assembly Required will emphasize the following:

  1. Support networking between community leaders and young professionals by gathering attendees in a laid-back, intimate setting.
  2. Equip attendees with tools and information to combat common challenges experienced by professionals and creatives in our community.

We are debuting this series with two events coming in late 2018. The first two events will feature experts in Public Speaking and Customer Experience. Each installment will have only 50 tickets available, priced fairly at $10 a piece in efforts to lower our cost to attendees and connect more like-minded leaders.

The first installment takes place on September 6 at the ThreeSixtyEight Offices at 6:00 PM. The night will consist of networking with local bites and brews, facilitated discussions, interactive workshops, and a talk from The Leather Apron Theatre Co. on how improv comedy can help us all overcome stage fright to become better presenters.

If you’re one of those that truly enjoyed our previous events, we assure you that Some Assembly Required will be everything you loved about its predecessor and more.

If you haven’t done so already, grab your ticket at and we hope to see you at our next assembly!

Our new conference series, Assembly Required, is in full swing. Tickets for innovators in Food are available now.