Project Launch: MECO – where tomorrow gets its water.

ThreeSixtyEight Celebrates Launch of is live. The pursuit of pure water takes another step forward with a complete relaunch of the MECO web experience. Highlights include an interactive project exploration tool and interactive videos scattered throughout. Our goal was to position MECO as a global powerhouse through powerful visual content and an ultra-modern online experience. We packed the site full of interactive content and beautiful videos, accessible across every connected device in every country across the globe.

Explore the world of MECO now!

Jeremy Beyt

Co-founder of ThreeSixtyEight, Jeremy leads the team with a mind for strategy and an eye for design. With dual degrees in marketing and economics, he blends strategy and creativity for clients. Over the years, Jeremy has worked with brands like Pepsi, CenturyLink and TED to create unique and high-performing digital experiences.