5 Reasons Clutch Builds Agency Brand Awareness

As a growing digital agency, we want our work to speak for itself and drive our brand to further success. That is why we were so glad to find Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C., that finds, evaluates, and provides information about a wide range of service providers around the globe. Since joining Clutch, we have been highlighted on Clutch’s website with a profile that builds agency brand awareness through information about our services, accolades, and feedback from our clients.

So why is it important for your agency to be on Clutch? We have come up with 5 reasons why every agency that works in the digital world should consider being featured on this quickly growing platform.


1. Boosts your Traffic

Being on Clutch increases the possibility for more visibility in a couple of ways. First and simply, your company is just more present on the internet. More importantly, however, Clutch shows up high in Google search results for key industry terms. Along with good SEO, Clutch’s results often appear on both a national and local level, which enables agencies using the site to access markets they may not have been able to reach previously.

2. Provides Verified, Third-Party Reviews for Prospects

As a relatively young company, we have had a major impact on brands (as shown in our clutch profile here) and have worked with some well-known clients such as McGraw-Hill and NASA. We focus on three core areas – web development, branding and strategy, and video production. It is important for us to provide a way for our clients to show their customers a good representation of who they are and what value we bring to them. The reviews that Clutch conducts may be one of its most valuable assets to agencies on the site.

These reviews are conducted by analysts at the company. These analysts are separate from the agency that is being reviewed. Because of this, potential customers are able to take in a fully independent review of a service they are looking for which instills buyer confidence. Not only are these reviews done independently by analysts at Clutch, but they are all done on the phone. This small but impactful move enables the analyst to get great detailed anecdotal information on not just what services were provided, but how they were provided and how the client felt about them. This allows agencies to make improvements where necessary, and for potential clients to get a clear idea of what they are getting by using X agency.

The last benefit of these reviews is one we feel all agencies get frustrated with – constantly having to ask past clients to speak on their behalf. By being on Clutch and having past clients do one review with a Clutch analyst, agencies are able to show those reviews to potential clients rather than continually have to tap the same client to speak on their behalf again.

3. It’s Free – Enough Said!

Clutch is free. You heard that right. Having a profile on Clutch with verified client references conducted by an analyst is entirely free. There are no exceptions to that rule and we love it.

4. Unique Methodology

Clutch has its own methodology that determines where a company lands on the site. References are the biggest portion of that methodology, but they also reward companies for two other categories on their ability to deliver to clients. The other two are based on the company’s “marketing presence” and its “clients and experience”. They take into account how a company presents themselves online, what their reputation is, what accolades they have received, and what their presence on social media looks like. The clients and experience portion takes into account the past clients they have worked with and the past case studies they make available for all to see.

5. Additional Marketing Opportunities as a Reference

Every agency has the ability to take advantage of the extra marketing opportunities available. The more involved and engaged a company is with their presence on the site, the more marketing opportunities there are. Each agency has the chance to be in Clutch’s Leaders Matrix which highlights the leaders on Clutch in their respective industry based on the methodology Clutch uses. Clutch also frequently has press releases that agencies have the chance to be a part of as well as expert interviews those at those agencies can provide.

So far, Clutch has spoken with 15 of our clients. It’s this combination of core capabilities that makes us stand out. Above is an example of the work that they do.

Our profile on Clutch details the services we provide along with a number of reviews to give you an in-depth look about the various experiences that our happy clients have had working with us. Clutch doesn’t just cover agencies like us. They feature companies across all sectors of the IT industry from SEO services to mobile app development.

We use Clutch in our pitches and proposals to prospects. Having this setup has definitely increased the awareness of our work when talking to clients that ask about references and results. We definitely recommend any growing agency to feature Clutch somehow in your sales system as it can provide a great boost in your image.

If you would like to ask us any questions or experiences using Clutch, feel free to email us at hello@threesixtyeight.com or leave a comment below.

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