ThreeSixtyEight Ranked One of the Top Digital Design Agencies on Clutch

At ThreeSixtyEight, we work hard to help our clients win in a digital world. Through our work in branding, digital strategy, and digital design, we’ve helped some incredible clients achieve incredible results. Now, this work is being highlighted by Clutch, who has ranked ThreeSixtyEight among their top digital design agencies.

Clutch is a research firm based in Washington, DC. Their work covers thousands of marketing, creative, and IT service providers, delivering extensive analyses on the abilities of each company’s ability to deliver excellent results and great client services. Clutch’s methodology includes over a dozen quantitative and qualitative criteria, including an agency’s services offered, proof of past work, and industry recognition.

Most importantly, the team speaks directly with clients, asking a series of interview-style questions that yield in-depth analyses of the agency. At ThreeSixtyEight, we’re proud that 17 of our clients have already spoken out about our video production, animation, digital marketing, and web development services.

Here are some of the things those clients have had to say:

One client, with whom we worked to provide an animated explainer video, commented on our understanding of their goals:

“ThreeSixtyEight is sharp, creative, and understand from the beginning of the project what we are seeking and what we are delivering and what feel we want as far as the branding and look of the product. They grasped that immediately up front. They’re very easy to work with. If we have another opportunity coming up whether it be a video or presentation or that type of stuff we would go with them again, no questions asked.”

One of our digital marketing clients shared statistics about the success our social media campaigns:

“[A] single announcement on Facebook got over 1,000 likes and shares, which is more than we’ve ever gotten on anything. The different campaigns that we’ve done with ThreeSixtyEight have done really well. We’ve seen a lot of traffic in the store because of Facebook and because of the different ads that we’re doing. Aside from myself, the only person who had seen the website framework was one of the owners since we work together for marketing.”

Another client commented on the success of the website that we provided:

“The website … has been great so far. Our sales and metrics are up and we’re extremely happy. August and September were our 2 best months ever. The employees have had input from day 1 and they think it’s a very useful website. We may have had 1 or 2 Facebook comments from customers that said they loved the website.”

We couldn’t be happier that clients have are satisfied with our efforts across the board, leaving us an overall score of 4.9 stars (out of 5) in their conversations with Clutch. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Clutch and hearing what our future clients have to add.



ThreeSixtyEight is a digital experience agency headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.