Justin Hutchinson, The Tallest Intern

Sometimes we meet someone with such amazing character we do what we can to keep them in our circle of friends, and sometimes we know our team would be incomplete without them around. We met Justin while he was managing three Smoothie Kings in the Baton Rouge area. From our first visit, he got to know us as people, not just customers, so we invited him to stop by the office. He’s attended every Book & Brew and volunteered at Assembly Required. Now, we’ve invited him to be an intern while he returns to school at LSU.

Justin has an incredible spirit, one this blog cannot give justice to, but here’s a glimpse of the guy we’re proud to have as part of the fam.

Q+A with Justin

What was your strategy to get the internship?

I honestly just stick to being myself in life, and in the case of getting the internship, that’s what worked. My policy has always been to be genuine with others as well as myself, and it always helped me throughout my life, especially in my last job in sales. So my “strategy” I guess you could say was just to stay true to myself!

As an intern, what do you see as your role in the company’s growth?

Well since I’m a part of the sales team, i feel like it’s most important for me to help build lasting relationships with each and every client, mainly so I can provide the best experience to that client, and hopefully have enough of an impact on them that they’ll tell others about me and the ThreeSixtyEight family!

How does the culture affect the way you feel about coming into the office? How does it make you feel about wanting to succeed together as a team?

The culture is everything. Everyone here is aligned the same way in the areas it matters most so coming into the office was kind of like finding a new family because I’m wired the same way as the team. It makes me want to succeed that much more because i know we all have the same goals and ambitions, so every win is another step in the direction we all want to be headed in.

If TSE were a song, what song would it be?

The Proud Family’s intro, mainly because we’re all like a little family!

How do you energize your motivation?

I honestly wake up hungry, metaphorically and literally. But honestly, what more motivation do I need other than the fact that I woke up today and I’m going to die one day. The thought of passing away without creating something memorable and changing the world is plenty energizing enough for me, so I wake up every day energized and motivated to do better than I did the day before.


If you had to be stranded on a desert island with two members of the ThreeSixtyEight team, who would you want it to be, and why?

This is a tricky one. I would say Dusty and Kara because they are absolutely hilarious together, but they might kill each other and I’d be stuck on the island alone. So for that reason I’d go to Kenny and Jay! Why? FAM/Sales team for life. Enough said.

What has been your greatest obstacle and how have you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle as an intern so far has just been learning the processes. There’s so much that we can do here and I need to know all of it from top to bottom. I am currently overcoming that obstacle through a lot of music therapy and studying, of course! Still have a good ways to go, though!

What is the weirdest thing you’ve heard or seen in the office during your time as an intern?

I’ve heard so many crazy things that it’s honestly hard to keep up. We have a crazy and hilarious team so there’s never really a dull moment. Weirdest thing I’ve seen is definitely the swamp water, though. We go through a lot of Kentwood water, and we ran out one day. The team filled up Kentwood jugs with tap water. I think it would have made more sense to just fill individual glasses with tap water as needed. But that’s just me. That whole situation was just, weird.

Is there anything in the ThreeSixtyEight operations that you think should be changed?

I think the only thing that would make operations better would be if we had a room where we play music all day. And in that room I will be the DJ. Me alone, from 9-5, all day, e’r’day.


Justin has taken over hosting our Book & Brew series, and his first will be September 7th, featuring Franz Borghardt, Founder of Geaux Rouge, and John Landry, Production/Operations Manager of Cane Land Distillery. Get your tickets so you can meet Justin in person!

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Dusty Cooper

Dusty may be in his thirties, but he is fresh to marketing and the ThreeSixtyEight team. Moving around the country from Louisiana to Phoenix to New York City, he gained over a decade of experience in photography, digital production, and creative writing. Then, after living in Thailand for two months, he returned to Louisiana to earn his Master’s in English. Now, he has combined his many hobbies for the good of ThreeSixtyEight and the community at large.