We’re Hiring: Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

Job description.

ThreeSixtyEight is an award-winning digital agency based out of Baton Rouge, LA.  Our front-end developers work with our strategy and design teams to build exciting and unique websites and interfaces for all sorts of clients around the world.

It’s an exciting time to work at our company.  We’re growing fast and taking on some really exciting projects.  Right now our team is launching a local conference series and rolling out websites for companies like Unilever and Centurylink.

We’re just getting started. We look forward to doing our best work yet!

What you do.

Front-End Developers at ThreeSixtyEight are expected to:

  • Enjoy building smart interfaces and web layouts from comps and wireframes.
  • Love the challenge of making design comps into responsive layouts (often times without design comps for every screen).
  • Have expert-level skills in HTML and CSS – knowledge of Photoshop and Sketch is a big plus.
  • Be constantly vigilant about web standards, accessibility, and usability.
  • Have a love for learning new things and always seeking better ways to develop web products and platforms.
  • Meticulously implement design comps while providing common sense improvements that enhance the user experience and serve the overall design goal.
  • Be detail oriented, ensuring that everything is clean and well-built.
  • Know and use WordPress.
  • Be on top of cutting-edge front-end development practices and technology (CSS3, canvas, media queries, responsive design, HTML5).
  • Have some general experience with server-side technology, including PHP and Ruby on Rails.

We also expect our front-end devs to:

  • Provide reliable ballpark hourly estimates for front-end tasks/deliverables.
  • Be creative.  Appreciate, enjoy, and critique design.
  • Play well with others – and take pride in their communicative and collaborative abilities with both team members and clients.
  • Enjoy variety in their work, but remain committed to projects that take weeks of focused effort to complete.
  • Meet deadlines without freaking out (well… occasional freak outs are ok).

Working at ThreeSixtyEight.

Love your job. We believe that the best work happens in a happy environment that promotes free-thinking, radical candor and honest teamwork. That’s why we promote a culture of creative confidence for both our staff and our clients.

Creative confidence means that we have the courage to be ourselves, take creative risks and break the rules sometimes, knowing that when great ideas meet experience and execution, the results speak for themselves.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Monthly catered lunch and learns
  • Annual stipend for conferences or education
  • Paid hack days for working on internal passion projects
  • A fun office with cool stuff like Nintendo and beer on tap
  • Flexible office hours
  • Great gear to ensure we have the best tools for the job
  • Fun, team-centered mentality (no egos please)
  • Healthcare plan contribution

How to apply.

Please send your resume and a thoughtful email explaining why you’d like to join the ThreeSixtyEight team to: hello@threesixtyeight.com.  Please include relevant experience, your willingness to live where you work and any salary considerations.

Want to learn more about who we are and what we do?  Check out our capabilities deck on Google Slides.

Jeremy Beyt

Co-founder of ThreeSixtyEight, Jeremy leads the team with a mind for strategy and an eye for design. With dual degrees in marketing and economics, he blends strategy and creativity for clients. Over the years, Jeremy has worked with brands like Pepsi, CenturyLink and TED to create unique and high-performing digital experiences.